Loumet was established in 1962 by our late company founder Luciano “Louie” Metti.

The company’s first decade of production focused on dolls and toys, establishing the very first range of Australian Made soft plastic dolls under the brand “The House of Metti”. Of note, the very first plastic toy version of Australia’s popular children’s character Humphrey B. Bear was manufactured during this time.

In the mid 1970’s Loumet moved into ball manufacturing, selling off its doll division and quickly becoming the market leader in distributing play and sports balls to the Australian toy industry, manufacturing and distributing over 10,000 balls a day at its own purpose built facility in Stepney South Australia. Extended ranges followed with Loumet manufacturing a range of novelty balls, space hoppers, moon hoppers, traffic cones, hula hoops and rhythmic gymnastics balls.



Buoyed by the success and momentum of its first 30 years of manufacturing, the 1990’s saw Loumet expand its rotational moulding capabilities and establish the foundation of what is now acknowledged as, Loumet Marine and Loumet Fitness. While the Marine division saw Loumet develop the world’s 1st production technique of making marine fenders with a central hole, it is our fitness division that has put our company at the forefront of manufacturing in this industry, as we became a recognized world leader in the production of premium professional grade exercise balls (a.k.a. Fitness, Stability, Swiss and Gym balls) and exercise products. All “Loumet” products are Australian made and 100% free of Phthalates, latex, lead and BPA. Loumet is still based in Stepney South Australia and run by second and third generation family members.

In more recent years we have expanded into importing a broad range of Outdoor Toys through our strong relationship with international companies and brands. Under the company “Loumet Toys” we have expanded our offering which has allowed us to become a strong leader in the Australian Toy market.


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