To download the Fitness Ball Safety & Inflation Instructions please click the link below or the image to the right.


Safety & Inflation Instructions


There are inherent risks with any exercise program. Consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise program or using your ball.

Your fitness ball is made to stringent quality controls but all care must be taken by the person using the ball to prevent damage. Maintenance of your ball is important to ensure its integrity is not compromised.

No responsibility or liability is accepted for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of adopting the information or recommendations.

Your fitness ball has been tested to perform when correctly inflated. Loumet does not recommend using hand weights while exercising with a fitness ball.

• Do not use your ball until you have read and
understood the safety instruction/information in full.
• Keep the ball away from sources of heat such as
sunlight, heaters and lamps etc.
• Do not over-inflate your ball as this will compromise
its integrity.
• Before each use check for wear and tear on the ball.
Do not use the ball if the surface is damaged. Discard
and replace immediately. Do not attempt to repair or
patch a damaged ball.
• Seek professional advice before commencing any
exercise program.
• Children, the elderly and people with disabilities should
be supervised at all times when using the ball.
• Ensure workout area and clothes are free of sharp or
pointed objects.
• Keep away from furniture and fixtures that may cause
injury when using the ball.
• All care must be taken by the person using the ball to
prevent damage.
• User assumes the risk when using this product. The
manufacturer shall not be liable for any damages that
may result from use of the ball.


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