To slam or not to slam? With Loumet Gymballs you can!

In the years before expensive medicine ball rebounders and the mass produced rubber medicine balls (weighted basket balls), Loumet began manufacturing an extremely durable one piece roto-molded air-filled medicine ball that would bounce, float and not split when slammed against hard surfaces... and we still do!

• Loumet Gymballs are the most durable and reliable medicine ball on the market today.

• Designed and manufactured to be used on all solid surfaces.

• Slam after slam, the Loumet Gymball has been field tested and proven to keep bouncing right back at you for more.

• Loumet Gymball combines the strength of a dead-ball with the bounce of a medicine ball.

Over 20 years has passed since Loumet first started manufacturing its weighted Gymball and in that time thousands of athletes, trainers, studios and gymnasiums have recognised the superiority of its durability and performance.

The fact that Loumet manufactured Gymballs continue to outperform and outlast other medicine balls on the market, is a testament to its quality and unique composite construction.

The durability and performance of the Loumet Gymball has never been more apparent than now, with the functional cross-fit driven medicine ball drills highlighting the structural weakness of the low cost rubber medicine balls.

So with over 2 decades passed and in a time when rubber medicine balls are being sold with a disclaimer that they are not designed for slamming on solid surfaces because they may split, Loumet Gymballs continue to bridge the gap between durability, reliability, performance and value for money.

GB1 1kg 195mm diameter 6 per carton
GB2 2kg 200mm diameter 6 per carton
GB3 3kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
GB4 4kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
GB5 5kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
GB6 6kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
GB7 7kg 300mm diameter 2 per carton
GB8 8kg 300mm diameter 2 per carton
GB9 9kg 300mm diameter 2 per carton
GB10 10kg 300mm diameter 2 per carton




• The Loumet Rope Ball is a versatile piece of training equipment that can be used for functional resistance training or high intensity anaerobic conditioning.

• Loumet Rope Ball combines the highly durable one piece roto-molded Loumet Gymball with a high performing, premium quality double braid rope.

• Available in 1-4kg weights and colour coded for quick and easy identification.

Ideal for dynamic swinging, chopping and throwing exercises, the Loumet Rope ball can help work the core, shoulders, arms and back as well as the lower body.

Areas of training with the Loumet Rope ball include:
• Explosive wall rebounding exercises, such as rotational chops
• Rhythmic stabilization drills like the swinging figure 8 exercise
• Explosive floor core training like the three point kneeling chop
• Dynamic integrated training including standing lunge and slam drills

ROPE1 1kg 195mm diameter 4 per carton
ROPE2 2kg 200mm diameter 4 per carton
ROPE3 3kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
ROPE4 4kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton



You donít play with a round ball so why train with one

• 2, 3 & 4 kilogram size footballs, colour coded for quick and easy identification.

• Allows plyometric training while maintaining technique.

• Develop hand skills, control, passing ability and power.

• Suitable for Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch and AFL.

The development of power, speed and control are the most wanted attributes for any footballer.

While maximum strength is a necessary requirement for all areas of modern football, every footballer is looking for increased power and control to keep them competitive and ahead of the pack.

Medicine ball training has long been used as a form of plyometric training, providing an effective tool for developing power in athletes and sports people of many disciplines.

By using a football shaped medicine ball a player can develop maximum power, speed and control through all the major movement patterns, playing techniques and skills of every football code.

Areas of training include;
• Passing and Catching
• Ball control and confidence
• Ball pick up and handling
• Mauling and dispossessing
• Rucking and roving
• Possession and protection
• Manouverability and agility
• Sprinting and jumping
• Twisting and turning

FT2 2kg Official rugby ball size 4 per carton
FT3 3kg Official rugby ball size 4 per carton
FT4 4kg Official rugby ball size 4 per carton



Gym Ball Plus is a weighted P.V.C ball, hard wearing and durable. With smooth sculpted handles, it can be picked up with both hands and feet. Versatile and adaptable, these balls are ideal for both training, conditioning and rehabilitation.

GBP1 1kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
GBP2 2kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton
GBP3 3kg 250mm diameter 4 per carton




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