Drawing upon more than 30 years of moulding expertise and designing with a sensitivity to the particular requirements of the marine industry has enabled the creation of products unique in function, aesthetics and manufacture.

World first production technique

Innovative moulding processes allow the incorporation of a reinforced moulded hole through the central axis. High energy absorption is available through one piece moulding. No joins or dissimilar materials alter the integrity of the product.

Central Hole
A central hole eliminates the need for complex knots to secure fenders as is necessary with existing "ropehold" design. The simplicity of the system inproves both the speed and the ease of set-up. For added strength an aluminium sleeve is located in the base where most of the rope pressure is exerted.

Unique Axial Rotation
The central hole allows the fender to rotate freely about its axis. The Loumet fender actually rolls between your craft and the dock thereby reducing abrasion damage and extending life.

Tough Materials
High grade PVC vinyl with UV protection offers toughness and durability in harsh climatic conditions.Material contains no fillers and is available in a wide range of colours. Unaffected by petrol, diesels and other fuels.

User Guide

0.15- 0.20 bar of pressure at 20°C. In tropical conditions, the pressure must be reduced to 0.05-0.06bar.

If no pressure gauge is available inflate the product until the walls are fully expanded, but make sure you can depress the wall at least 6.5 mm(approx) with light hand pressure. Tropical conditions - 15mm.

Do not over inflate as this may reduce the performance of the product.

Valves should be left open and products slightly inflated during longterm storage.

Soap and water, mineral spirits or vinyl cleaner are recommended. Chemical breakdown may result from the use of Acetone, Laquer thinners or similar.

Waterproof marker pens are ideal to label your fenders or buoys. Custom silkscreening is available upon request.


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