Aug 2021:
ATT: Marketing
This ball, which I purchased for my lab staff is the BEST ball I have ever purchased for my dog. It is indestructible. The size is such that my dog can get it into his mouth, but it is just big enough so that he can’t close his mouth over it completely and more easily loses grasp of it. It bounces on a hard surface but doesn’t break, all the while making that dog-appealing rattle. It is reasonably light so can be thrown far, without worry of it breaking or getting lost due to its bright green colour (ours). I throw it down the length of our garage for the dog to chase and once he touches it it goes in a different direction and bounces off objects like a pin ball. I think you should market it as a “Staffy Ball” It is notoriously hard to find a decent ball for a Staffy. My dog literally bites chunks out of any ball I give him and spits them out. He can’t bite this ball and it won’t deflate!
Thank you for a great product


AUG 2020:
Hi Loumet,
We have received the balls and the dogs absolutely love them! Here is a video of Olive the Rottweiler playing with it:-)
Thank you so much, we will definitely purchase more!

SEP 2020:
Dear Loumet Staff,
I have recently purchased one of your food balls for my dog. She is a staffy cross and has destroyed everything we have bought her in the past (including 2 very expensive kongs!). So for the $9 I spent at BIGW Victor Harbor recently was a drop in the ocean in the money we have spent over the last 2 years.

Well I am happy to say it is FANTASTIC and indestructible. Non shattering etc as stated. She spends hours pushing it around (I have to hide it to stop her)and have only actually put food in it the once and no need for more as the noise of the ball inside and the fact that she cannot destroy it has maintained her interest!

So this is a big thank you for a multitude of things. Being an Australian company, Australian made and here in Sth Australia to boot, truly indestructible and very very reasonably priced.

I have told lots of people including my Vet the other day who took down the name as he gets asked about this sort of thing too. I will be buying our friends and family dogs ones for Christmas and a new one for Gracie just so she has a spare!

Judy and Gracie the Staffy












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